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Why Join IANT?

IANT is one of the oldest masjids in the Dallas area and we have served as a pioneer in Islamic education, interfaith work, community outreach, and youth empowerment.

Our services are quality oriented and are plentiful, but only members can access them.

So join today, and reap the benefits of being a member of the Islamic Association of North Texas.

Some of Our Services Include

  • IQA
  • Suffa Islamic Seminary
  • Restland Funeral Home - Muslim Burials
  • IANT Youth
  • IANT Sports
  • Counseling
  • Medical Clinic
  • Multipurpose Hall Rental
  • Five Daily Prayers and Jumuah
  • Special Ramadan Activities

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please e-mail membership@iant.com, or click here to contact us.

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